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Hi, I'm Amanda. I make the remedies in the cute little bottles you'll find here, and tend land in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

I have been exploring wild spaces and befriending plants my whole life. I spent my young childhood years wandering the forests and beaches of Kodiak, Alaska and have been in love with the land ever since. In my youngest years, I grew up playing in the garden with my Mother, foraging for berries in the woods, and fishing with my Dad. My passion lies in being in relationship with land and community - human, plant, animal, and all life. In my teen years, I lived in the SW Desert, exploring the mountains and cacti, and gaining an appreciation for a vast range of environments and cultural experiences.

At 21 years old, I was diagnosed with cancer and gardening became one of my main therapeutic outlets. In this time I met a dear medicine woman, who taught me of plant medicine and women's ceremonies. I began to work with the remedies she taught me to make, and began down the path of healing with plants. With a newfound way of nourishing with food and life practices in addition to herbs, I became well and strong again.

In 2015, I attended the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine to study herbalism more formally, and then completed the second year Advanced Clinical Program. I continue to attend conferences and am on a never ending journey of learning.

Many years later, I am still cancer-free, and have an amazing daughter who also knows the plants. I currently make small batch herbal remedies to support people in their own healing paths, and love to lead plant walks and share what I have learned. I also tend land and gardens with the intention of creating a healthy ecosystem and incorporating as many medicinal, edible, and native plants as possible. My favorite part of my work is teaching folks about which of the "weeds" can be worked with as food and medicine. We are surrounded by the plants that can help us most, and my hope is that we will re-enter a way of living in reciprocity with them.

Much gratitude to my teachers and all those who have supported my journey along the way.

Some of my most influential teachers that I have studied with so far are Catherine Warner, Scott Kloos, Erico Schleicher, Kim Kelsey, Dr. Deborah Frances, Paul Bergner, and many more to come...

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