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Herbal Healing

I'm a firm believer that the plants are some of our greatest allies. Cultivating relationships with them can not only bring our own health into better alignment, it holds the possibility of bringing the land into better balance and helping lead our societies into more integrated and well ways of living over all. We have evolved with the plants, and they know how to help us more than we might imagine.

My process:

I have been on a plant journey as long as I can remember being alive. Formally, I have studied with the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine and The School of Forest Medicine in addition to many hours of conference classes, self-study, and mentorship.

I work with garden-grown herbs from gardens I tend, and wild plants that I have formed relationships of reciprocity with and harvest in a sustainable and regenerative way. I often spend years with a plant without harvesting, and I will often leave without gathering if the plant populations do not seem abundant in a particular year. I gather in a way that helps the plants to proliferate and re-seed + re-plant whenever possible.

All of the herbal remedies you will find here are made in very small batches, with fresh or freshly dried plants. Tinctures are infused in organic cane alcohol and spring water while oils and salves are infused in organic olive oil. Raw beeswax from a local beekeeper are added to the salves, and syrups are made with raw local honey. No essential oils or preservatives are added to any of these creations.

It is an honor to share this work with you and to be a part of your healing journey. Please, don't hesitate to reach out with questions or requests.



~Visit the Shop for a variety of handcrafted herbal remedies.

~Herbal Workshops and Group Plant Walks

~Herbal Wellness Consultation : Want a more personalized approach to herbal remedies? We will explore your health in a holistic way including nutritional and lifestyle factors. You will receive a comprehensive write-up with a suggested plan, and personalized herbal formulas made just for you!


In depth initial consultation (90 minutes): $100 + herbal formulas.

Follow up (45 minutes): $55 + herbal formulas.

Acute/Focused (30 minutes): $45 + herbal formulas

My hope is to make this accessible for all.

Trades welcome. Sliding scale available by request.

~Private/Group Plant Walk : Let's take a walk in a location of your choice and get to know the plants. Whether it's the land you live on, a public natural area or hiking trail, let's get to know the flora. We will identify many plants, talk about their ecological role and history, toxicity, edible, or medicinal uses, and how to ethically and sustainable incorporate these plants into your life if appropriate. Lots of fun!

Fee: Variable - please inquire.

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