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Gardening and Land Tending

Amanda has been gardening and tending land in the Pacific Northwest for over 15 years. With an educational background in Environmental Science and Horticulture paired with studies in Herbal Medicine, she looks at the ecosystem as a whole when working with plants and the land. You can expect to receive personalized care that considers a wide variety of ecological factors, your personal aesthetic and plant preferences, and implements exclusively organic methods with a strong focus on native, medicinal, and edible plants.


~Consultation :

New to gardening? Just bought a property and want assistance with getting the lay of the land? Maybe you have some questions about how to design your garden, or want help deciding which plants to put in.

A written document or sketch will be provided afterwards to revisit.

We can also take a walk around your property to identify plants and discuss how they can be incorporated into your life for food and medicine.

Fee: $75/hour, $100 minimum per visit

~Garden and Land Care :

Most general labor including planting, weeding, fall & spring clean-up, transplanting/dividing, harvesting, light pruning (bushes, roses, etc.).

Fee: $40/hr., 2.5 hour minimum per visit

~Fruit Tree Pruning :

Have your fruit trees pruned for tree health, aesthetic, and optimal fruit yields.

Fee: $50/hr., 2 hour minimum per visit

~Phone Consultation :

Have questions that don't require a site visit, or want to follow up on a previous consult? 30 minute phone consults are available to have all your questions answered!

Fee: $30

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